The guiding philosophy behind Beatriz de la Cámara’s work is her focus on creating timeless pieces that combine classicism with the avant-garde. From a very early age, her penchant for sewing and her curiosity led her to gradually immerse herself in what would eventually become her profession. Today she continues on the path she embarked upon all those years ago, cultivating perfection in each piece in her collections, which she begins to prepare six months ahead of time.

The fabrics used in each collection are produced 100% in Spain, France and Italy, and about 30% of them are handmade in the company’s own workshop.Each season, the firm dreams up unique fabrics, with multiple layers and hand-embroidered trims as the ultimate protagonists, and Beatriz herself personally designs and embroiders each prototype.

Because of the complexity of the designs and the dedication involved, many of these creations require at least three-months’ work.The appliques on embroidered pieces are usually hand-sewn, which can often take up to 1,000 hours of work.By using more traditional sewing techniques, Beatriz de la Cámara manages to create feminine pieces with her own distinct hallmark.

The wool pieces are produced in Spain and combine traditional craftsmanship and techniques with a contemporary sophisticated style, playing with volumes and structures that turn each sweater into a delicate seamless creation.

Each design is created by combining exquisite fabrics and detailing that are the fruit of Beatriz’ inspiration, which she jots down each day in her idea book.After making several toiles – to make sure everything is in perfect harmony -, the atelier then meticulously puts together each prototype to be included in the final collection.