Ester Bellón

Ester Bellón, architect and digital creator, personifies the timeless elegance of Beatriz de la Cámara with her own style. Her minimalism and personal structure seamlessly integrate with the garments of the brand.

Ester defines Beatriz de la Cámara's style as "an ode to elegance without sacrificing femininity, with precise details that define its own identity." For her, the brand is more than fashion; it is a lasting artistic expression, transcending ephemeral trends.

"In selecting these looks, I sought versatility for a morning of work. I enjoy balancing the masculine and feminine, adding a touch of sophistication."

Each carefully chosen garment is combined with her creative style, showcasing how Beatriz de la Cámara's fashion seamlessly fits into her everyday life.

An authentic connection between Ester and the brand captures the essence of her lifestyle.

"Elegance is not just about clothing and physical appearance. It's about how you behave and how you treat others" Tom Ford.


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