Beatriz’s creativity and curiosity started at an early age, growing up surrounded by family references, as well as seamstresses and craftsmen in Extremadura that had a decisive influence on what would be her future, hence the sensitivity and meticulous work developed over the years, where she takes up her roots and transfers them in a totally contemporary way to each of the details of her work.

Beatriz de la Cámara, started her professional career in law, but entered  the fashion in Madrid creating custom-made dresses which led her  to founding her own firm in 2010. At the end of 2012, she moved to New York for a decade, to continue expanding her training and to acquire a much more innovative and fresh vision of fashion, which she would later implement in each of her designs combining the versatility of the modern woman with the know-how of Spanish tradition and craftsmanship.

Between Extremadura, Madrid and New York, Beatriz de la Cámara collections combine the artisanal legacy with the urban avant-garde through a reinvention of the classics and timeless pieces made in Spain to promote Spanish cultural heritage and high-quality contemporary fashion.

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